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Surf Hostel Costa Rica Surf Hostel Costa Rica dawn surf first in Costa Rica tropical surf Costa Rica Surf Hostel Coconut tree hammock chill beach jungle house Costa rica rainforest Surf Hostel Costa Rica Surf Hostel Costa Rica
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Surf Hostel Costa Rica

Amazing waves, food & culture in Costa Rica

Surf Hostel Costa Rica is perfect if you are searching for:

Camp-Icon Distance to Beach 95%

wave Waves/Surfing 100%

Activities-Icon Activities 95%

fun Party 95%

money Budget 95%

surf Surf School 100%

Campfinder-Icon PURE Rating 95%

Surf Hostel Costa Rica
Surf Hostel Costa Rica
dawn surf first in Costa Rica
tropical surf Costa Rica Surf Hostel
Coconut tree hammock chill beach
jungle house Costa rica rainforest
Surf Hostel Costa Rica
Surf Hostel Costa Rica

Surf, Chill & enjoy the scenery

  • Pura Vida at the Surf Hostel Costa Rica – mediated by Pure Surf Camps
  • Relax in peaceful surroundings
  • Warm water & air temperatures so you can surf without a wetsuit
  • World-class waves near the Hostel
  • Yoga, Massage, Quad Bike Tour, Horseback Riding, Kayak Tour & Fishing available

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Surf Camp

Surf Camp


Surf Trip to Costa Rica jungle apartment
Costa Rica coastline swell
Flags surf camp Costa Rica
Surfing Costa Rica
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Apartments in amongst nature

At the Surf Hostel Costa Rica, you can catch perfect waves all morning, enjoy the spectacular scenery all afternoon while immersed in the lively & welcoming culture of Latin American.

  • Nice hostel surrounded by Costa Ricas' most stunning scenery
  • Relax in the hammock out in the tropical garden
  • The beach by Santa Teresa, with its perfect waves, only 2 minutes way
  • Surf spots to cater to every skill level
  • The best burritos at the onsite restaurant
  • Huge selection of activities on offer including SUP, Kayak & Horseback tours, Yoga, Snorkelling and Diving
  • Welcoming atmosphere where you can relax & have fun

Surf Hostel Costa Rica, run by Don Jon’s S.A., offers a holiday that is the perfect mix of action and relaxation. The team from Pure Surf Camps regularly go to visit and enjoy everything on offer in Costa Rica. When you’re not out surfing perfect waves you can swing under a palm tree in one of the hammocks with the occasional Monkey or Iguana strolling by and soak up the perfect weather, hang out with the super friendly locals & crew, take part in one of the many activities offered and then devour the best burritos in town from the onsite restaurant.

The camp itself is located in the small town of Santa Teresa on the Nicoya Peninsula, about 6 hours away from San José, and sits in amongst the beautiful fauna of Costa Rica, with Mangos, Guavas, and Limes growing directly in the garden. Santa Teresa isn’t huge & busy, but big enough to have a good selection of restaurants, bars, shops, and there’s even a concert or 2 per week. The waves in the area are world class. Near the camp you have renowned breaks like Playa Santa Teresa, Playa Carmen, Playa Hermosa, Cabuya and Marazul.

The international team at the camp is with you throughout your stay and can help you organise any extra trips you’d like to take, recommend restaurants, bars, and shops and take you to the best waves every day.


Costa Rican beach
Palm trees on rock cliff
Costa Rican sunset
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Long volcanic sand beaches

Santa Teresa
Santa Teresa is considered the surf central of Nicoya, which is a peninsula on the north-eastern corner of Costa Rica that faces the Pacific Ocean. Only a few minutes away from Surf Hostel Costa Rica you have Santa Teresa, here you can find local supermarkets, surf shops, restaurants & bars, as well as a pretty lively backpacker scene. The old fishing village is growing quickly but is still by no means overrun by tourists. There are even 2 clubs along the beach called La Lora & Coco Loco that are well worth checking out if you don’t want to surf first thing in the morning the next day.

We always recommend spending a night or 2 in San José when you arrive & depart, as it take about 6 hours to get from the airport to the camp.

Local Tips

Burritos in Costa Rica
Sunrise surf Costa Rica
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The best Burritos in town, live music & a cold drink

At the onsite restaurant you can get the best Burritos in Santa Teresa, arguably all of Costa Rica. Breakfast and lunch packages can be included in the price, so you will definitely get to try your way through the selection during your stay.

Surf with the pros of tomorrow
The owner of the hostel sponsors young, local surfers to push the next generation of pro surfing in Costa Rica. The sponsored crew regularly hang out at the camp and surf with guests. A few are even part of the surf school team. They will get you up and surfing, answer all your questions, and show you the best surf spots Costa Rica has, that are perfect for your skill level.

Fresh Fish Dishes, Cocktails & Co.

In the "Fishbar" in Santa Teresa you get the most delicious local fish dishes. Beside the culinary highlights, the nice restaurant also offers excellent tropical cocktails and a various selection of Belgian beers.

Sunset & DJ-Sounds

Enjoy the most beautiful sunset with delicious drinks and an awesome view at the Roca Mar Hotel bar. Relax in the nice sitting areas and watch the sun as it slowly disappears into the ocean. On Sunday evenings the whole scenery is accompanied with atmospheric DJ Music - an unforgettable experience.





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Dorm room Costa Rica
hammocks Costa Rica
Dorm room Costa Rica
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Hand crafted beds using local Bamboo

The Lodge – Dorm Rooms
The lodge consists of 2 rooms, each sleeping 8 guests. The two rooms share a large kitchen with fridge and each have a private bathroom. This is the perfect option for solo-travellers, large groups, or anyone looking for a budget friendly surf trip to Costa Rica.

Here are the Prices!

Rustic Cabin – 1 – 4 Person Rooms
These authentic Costa Rican bungalows are spread over multiple levels and sleep 1 to 4 guests. The bungalows are made out of Teak and all have a rooftop terrace with a hammock where you get a great view out over the jungle.

The camp is spread over a large property with multiple buildings and bungalows. The restaurant is at its heart and you have a large dining area with hammocks out in front and plenty of space to relax.

In the dining area you have free Wi-Fi and coffee for the duration of your stay.


The private apartments at Surf Hostel Costa Rica
Ukulele Costa Rica Surf trip
Restaurant surf camp Costa Rica
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The private apartments at Surf Hostel Costa Rica

The apartments sleep up to 5 guests, and have one double bed, and 3 singles. They are perfectly planned out for families or groups. Each room has plenty of storage space, a private bathroom, small kitchen, TV and air-conditioning. This is the perfect option for groups who want to have their own private retreat within the camp, all while enjoying everything Costa Rica has to offer.

Here are the Prices!

At the front door of the apartments you have a covered terrace area with hammocks to spend lazy days relaxing between surf sessions, reading a book, or taking a well-deserved nap.

You have a great view out towards the lush Costa Rican rainforest, and are only a few minutes away from the beach & the nearby town of Santa Teresa.



Key Facts

Learn to surf Costa Rica
Beach learn to Surf Costa Rica
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High fives all round when you learn to surf

Surf the waves of your dreams on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast while taking part in a surf course. Only a short trip away from the camp you have waves to suit every skill level, from mellow beach breaks to learn on, to long point breaks for intermediate surfers. The surf courses are not included in the accommodation price but can be booked before departure additionally.

  • We recommend the 5-Day Surf Course
  • Transfers to the beach are included
  • Maximum of 4 students per coach
  • Classes to cater to all surfers
  • A little theory mixed with plenty of time in the water
  • 5-Day Surf Course includes 7 days of board rental
  • Local, Friendly, English speaking coaches
  • Price for 1 x 1.5-Hour Session: 300 kr
  • Price for 5 x 1.5 Hour Sessions: 1500 kr


Learn to surf Costa Rica
Learn to surf Costa Rica
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Learn the basics in the shade

The Surf Courses offered by the Surf Hostel in Costa Rica are perfect for beginner & intermediate surfers. Beginners will get taught the basics on the beach, followed by a small warm up & stretch. Then the crew will take you out into the water to learn by doing. The aim is to get you paddling, duck-diving, and of course getting up, and riding waves. There is the possibility of doing individual days sessions, or booking a 5-Day course where you get to keep the rental board for the whole week, meaning you can surf anytime your heart desires at the beach only 3 minutes away from your accommodation.

For intermediate surfers, those of you who have mastered the basics, you will also receive some theory on the beach, followed by a small warm up, and then hit the surf. The difference is, when you head out the focus will be to catch waves further out, avoiding the white water, and going backside/frontside along the open face of the wave. If you get that down, the idea is to start catching bigger waves, and work on turns. If you choose the 5-Day option you also receive a board for the week, and you can choose to move away from riding beginners’ boards and start working on using a shortboard, or retro fish.


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Key Facts

Quiksilver surfer Rio
Sunrise surf session Costa Rica
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Surf the best waves and improve your surfing

Surf Guiding is the option for those surfers out there who feel comfortable out in the water, and just want to get on with it and surf the best waves in Costa Rica. The surf guides will do all the hard work by finding the best waves any given day, and take you to them, then giving you pointers that will improve your surfing.

    • Surf Guiding available 3 days a week
    • Local info about the waves before you surf
    • Surf world-class waves like Cabuya, Montezuma, Hermosa, Playa Carmen & plenty more
    • Get tips regarding your surfing
    • Get taken to the best waves for your skill level
    • Surf Guiding available as a optional extra


    Beach breaks Costa Rica
    Costa Rica surf point break
    Learn to surf Costa Rica
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    Fun beachbreaks only minutes from camp

    For advanced surfers we recommend taking part in the guided surf sessions offered by the team at Surf Hostel Costa Rica. The crew take all the hassle out of finding the right spot, with the right conditions. The crew are experienced, English speaking, locals, who want to score epic surf just as much as you.

    The surf crew offer 3 guided surf sessions a week, and the usual run down is the crew check in with you and see how confident you are, and what sort of waves you’re looking for. Once that’s cleared the crew will check the swell, wind and tide reports to find the perfect waves for you. Near the camp you have an abundance of surf spots including beach, reef & pointbreaks.


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    Breakfast burritos Costa Rica
    Delicious breakfast Burritos - the best in town

    7-Days breakfast package costs 739 kr.
    The camp restaurant is open for breakfast every day. You can choose to get the breakfast package where breakfast is included for the whole week, otherwise you can pick and choose when and what you want to eat from the à la carte menu. Coffee is included for all guests of Surf Hostel Costa Rica.

    For breakfast you have options like fresh tropical fruit with muesli, pancakes, or breakfast burritos. The restaurant is well known in the area for its delicious, healthy and fresh menu. There are also smoothies available.


    Fresh food, Costa Rica
    Always fresh, always delicious

    6-Day lunch package costs 630 kr.
    Every day you can come back from your morning surf to the onsite restaurant for a delicious lunch. You can either choose the lunch package, where 6 meals are included, or you can choose specific days to try the locally famous burritos. The menu is à la carte regardless if you choose the lunch package, or if you pick and choose what days you eat there.

    The usual options for lunch include freshly caught fish, locally sourced salads & of course the famous burritos that you can get with beef, chicken or vegetarian. There are also cold drinks available ranging from fresh fruit smoothies to beer.


    Restaurant Costa Rica Santa Teresa
    Social evenings at the local restaurants

    In the nearby town of Santa Teresa, which is easily accessible on foot, you have plenty of options for your evening meal.

    Some stand outs are 'Burger Rancho', that is 4 minutes away on foot, serves, as you probably guessed from the name, burgers. There are also salads, and freshly caught fish available. 'Pizza Tomato' is 2 minutes away and also well worth trying. If you are after something to take away there are 2 great spots 5 minutes away. The first is Suapo Guapo, which serves local food known as Casados, that is made up of rice, beans, vegetables and either fish or meat. The second is a Pita place that serves freshly made falafel.



    Yoga Costa Rica
    Relax, stretch & build strength yoga
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    The Yoga terrace

    Surf Hostel Costa Rica not only provides perfect surf lessons to cater to every skill level, an amazing camp, and delicious food, but also yoga courses. Yoga is a perfect way to relax and get into the holiday rhythm, stretch out those areas that you worked out in the surf, and improve your stability and balance both on land & on your surfboard. Each yoga session costs between 59 kr - 90 kr.

    Surfing and yoga go hand in hand with one another. Yoga improves your core strength which in turn improves stability when you are on your surfboard. You also improve strength and fitness meaning paddling and the take-off become quicker and smoother, and you also take control of your breathing which helps immensely with all the holding your breath when you are paddling out.

    Costa Rica Kayak tour 4x4
    Jungle Ocean Costa Rica
    Boat tours Pacific Ocean
    1 / 3
    Of to go on a Kayak tour in the 4x4

    The Surf Hostel in Costa Rica is surrounded by stunning landscapes filled with amazing plant & wildlife for you to discover. The best way to discover the variety of attractions Costa Rica has to offer is by taking a tour. The crew at the camp can help you out with any tours you would like to book, there is a huge selection that includes:

    • Paddleboard Tours in Mal Pais, near Cabo Blanco National Park – 489 kr
    • Paddleboard Tours to Manzanillo reef to check out the underwater life – 510 kr
    • Paddleboard Tours along the coast, then down the Manzanillo River – 489 kr
    • Paddleboard Adventure inland on the inland Bongo River, where you explore the lush inland tropical rainforest – 519 kr
    • Paddleboard Tours in the Curu National Park – 909 kr
    • Paddleboard Day Trip to the Playa Cote river mouth – 909 kr
    • Kayak Fishing in the Pacific Ocean – 399 kr
    • Kayak Volcano Tour, with stops to swim & snorkel with the possibility of seeing whales, sea turtles, dolphins and various birds – 399 kr
    • Kayak Adventure along the Ario & Manzanillo Rivers to check out the wildlife with included snacks & drinks – 399 kr Minimum of 2 participants required
    • Kayak Tour along the largest river in Costa Rica, the Bongo. Discover the wildlife & stunning landscapes – 549 kr Minumum of 2 participants required
    • All prices are per person
    Diving Costa Rica
    Kayak Fishing Costa Rica
    Kayak fishing Costa Rica
    Horseback riding along the beach
    Costa Rica tourist Volcano
    Hiking Costa Rica rainforest jungle
    1 / 6
    Discover Costa Ricas' underwater world

    There are plenty of tours & activities available for all the guests who choose to visit the Surf Hostel in Costa Rica. They include:

    • Surf Safaris along the Pacific coast – 229 kr to 569 kr
    • Diving
    • Hot Stone Massage –190 kr to 419 kr
    • Spanish Courses – 90 kr to 190 kr
    • Game Fishing Trips
    • Snorkelling
    • Horseback Riding Tours
    • Childcare available



    Navigate via the tabs to find prices for the different package deals, accommodation options, and various optional extras. Here you will see an example:

    1 Week at the Surf Hostel Costa Rica from 1119 kr including:

    • 7 Nights accommodation
    • Wi-Fi
    • Coffee

    Detailed prices under: Accommodation


    Price per Person, per Week:


    • 7 Nights Accommodation
    • Free Wi-Fi & Coffee
    • Hammocks & Tropical Garden
    • English speaking crew
    • Managers Surcharge: 1. Week + 679 kr p. P.; Following Week: + 229 kr p. P.

    Green Season (01.05. – 31.10.)

    8-Person Dorm 1119 kr p. P.*
    Single Room 3369 kr p. P.*
    Double Room 1719 kr p. P.*
    Triple Room 1119 kr. P.*
    4-Person Apartment 6669 kr/ Apartment*

    High Season (01.11. – 30.04.)

    8-Person Dorm 1499 kr p. P.*
    Single Room 4499 kr p. P.*
    Double Room 2249 kr p. P.*
    Triple Room 1499 kr p. P.*
    4-Person Apartment 8169 kr/Apartment*

    Peak Season (24.12. – 31.01.)

    8-Person Dorm 1499 kr p. P.*
    Single Room 5169 kr p. P.*
    Double Room 2619 kr p. P.*
    Triple Room 1799 kr p. P.*
    4-Person Apartment 8919 kr / Apartment*
    Managers-Surcharge Price
    Each guest is charged a fixed surcharge for the first week. 679 kr
    For the following, or second week, the surcharge is reduced. 229 kr
    The managers surcharge is sent over an extra invoice.

    All the prices are subject to change as they are influenced by the international exchange rates.


    Online Booking

    Optional Extras

    Pre-booking and payment possible as well as onsite:

    1 x 1.5 hour Surf Lesson 329 kr
    Photo CD of you out in the surf 300 kr
    1 Day Surfboard Rental 90 kr
    3 Day Surf Guiding 2119 kr
    1x Breakfast 119 kr
    1x Lunch 119 kr


    1-Week Fully Inclusive Package example:

    • Accommodation in 8-Person Dorm - Green Season: 1119 kr
    • 5 Day Surf Course (5 x 1.5h): 1619 kr
    • Photo CD: 300 kr
    • 7x Breakfast: 789 kr
    • 6x Lunch: 679 kr
    • Managers-Surcharge: 679 kr
    • Fully Inclusive Package: 5169 kr

    Onsite Booking Available:

    • Paddleboard Tour in Mal Pais, near Cabo Blanco National Park - 489 kr
    • Paddleboard Tour to Manzanillo Reef - 510 kr
    • Paddleboard Tour down Manzanillo River & along the coast - 489 kr
    • Paddleboard Adventure Tour to the inland Bongo River - 519 kr
    • Paddleboard Day Trip to Curu National Park - 909 kr
    • Paddleboard Tour Day Trip to the river-mouth of Playa Coyote - 909 kr
    • Kayak Fishing in the Pacific with experienced Fishermen & gear - 399 kr
    • Kayak Volcano Tour with Snorkelling - 399 kr
    • Kayak-Tour Adventure to “Ario” & “Manzanillo” Rivers - 53€ (minimum of 2 participants)
    • Kayak-Tour on the “Bongo” River - 549 kr (minimum of 2 participants)
    • Yoga: in Santa Teresa - 59 kr to 90 kr per class
    • Surf Safari, Surf-Coaching or Trips to the Pointbreaks in Cabuya-Montezuma or to Beackbreaks in Hermosa-Coyote - 229 kr to 569 kr
    • Hot Stone Massage, Relax Massage - 190 kr to 419 kr
    • Spanish Course - 90 kr to 190 kr


    All the prices are subject to change as they are influenced by the international exchange rates.


    Online Booking




    We offer an extra service where we will find you the cheapest available flight, then contact you with the final offer. Flights to San José are the best option when travelling to Surf Hostel Costa Rica. When the flights are booked and finalised we can organise an airport transfer to come and meet you at the airport, and take you to the Surf Hostel.

    San José - (SJO)

    If you would like to organise your own flights we recommend using Skyscanner to give you a good overview of the available flights. Iberia, British Airways and Lufthansa are some of the airlines that fly to San José directly, with many more making stops in the USA. If you choose to fly to San José we recommend booking an extra night on arrival as the trip to and from the camp takes around 6 hours.

    Transfer from San José to Santa Teresa: Every day there are 2 shuttles that goes from San José to the camp, they depart at 06:30 and 14:30. The cost is 50 USD per person, and can be paid up arrival in either USD, or Costa Rican Colones.

    Public Transport:
    The cheapest way to get from San José to the camp is via Public Transport on the bus & ferry. It's recommended that you spend an extra day in San José as the trip takes up to 7 hours and its worth getting an early start.

    • Duration 5-7 Hours
    • Start  from the Bus Terminal "Nueva Megaterminal" (Avenida 7, Calle 10, contiguo al Cine Líbano)
    • The bus departs at 06:00 or 14:00 and goes to „Cobano"
    • The bus drives onto the car ferry in Puntarenas to Paquera - stay on the same bus
    • Once you get to Cobano, you need to change busses
    • The bus you have to get on goes to  „Malpaís / Santa Teresa" 
    • the first stop once you get to "Malpaís/Santa Teresa" is a the start of the town, the camp stop is about 10 minutes after this.
    • An exact description will be accompanied with your invoice

    Price: 15.50 US$, payed directly to the bus driver in USD or Costa Rican Colones

    Check the actual bus timetable before departure.

    The last ferry from Puntarenas departs at 17:00 meaning you get to see a stunning sunset on the trip.

    Rental Car

    Renting a car in Costa Rica can be a great way to get around, they are very cheap and a great way to undertake your own early morning surf trips. The best priced rental cars are available at Sunny Cars. Getting a rental car will allow you to spontaneously explore the coastline on your own accord, just don't forget your roof racks.

    We still recommend spending a night in San José before undertaking the 6 hour car trip to the Surf Hostel. Making the trip during the day after a good nights sleep is much more fun that at night, after a long flight. Also, if it is within your budget, getting a 4x4 is a good idea, it will open up a lot more terrain to explore.


    Get your obligation free quote now!


    Online Booking