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Back bend Yoga single fin surfboard sunset beach Sheddies in France Surf & Yoga Le Pin Sec Longboard lady blue sky bikini Yoga in the nature Hanging 5 longboard mini waves Surf & Yoga Le Pin Sec Surf & Yoga Le Pin Sec
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Surf & Yoga Le Pin Sec

Directly next to the French Atlantic

Perfect camp for those of you looking for:

wave Waves/Surfing 95%

Camp-Icon Distance to Beach 95%

house Comfort 90%

Activities-Icon Activities 95%

family Family Friendly 100%

Beach-Icon Wave Variety 90%

Campfinder-Icon PURE Rating 90%

Back bend Yoga single fin surfboard sunset beach
Sheddies in France
Surf & Yoga Le Pin Sec
Longboard lady blue sky bikini
Yoga in the nature
Hanging 5 longboard mini waves
Surf & Yoga Le Pin Sec
Surf & Yoga Le Pin Sec

New Surf Camp with focus on Yoga, Surf & Great Food

  • Every week includes 4 Yoga Sessions with qualified yoga teacher - mediated by Puresurfcamps
  • Healthy & delicious breakfast and dinner included
  • Camp has its own Miniramp
  • Highest quality campground
  • Comfortable wood bungalow accommodation
  • Longboards, skateboards & beach games all available at the camp
  • Wine & Cheese tasting trips
  • Motivated & experienced camp crew
  • Welcome drink
  • One yoga session included for all guests
  • Motivated & experienced crew
  • Free GoPros’ to borrow from the team
  • Surf Camp mediated by Puresurfcamps

Obligation free request

Surf Camp

Surf Camp


French wine at sunset along the coast
Sheddies in France
Yoga ini the forest
Surfing Yoga Le Pin Sec
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After surf wine, from the nearby vienyards

The Surf & Yoga camp in Le Pin Sec, like the other Surf & Yoga camps on offer through Puresurfcamps, focus on combining nutritious & delicious food, great waves, top class yoga, and a generally healthy lifestyle to recharge your batteries while you are away on holiday.

  • Active holiday where the focus is surfing, yoga, exercise & healthy living
  • Experienced crew who make sure you have a great time
  • Camp located directly next to the beach, only 1 minute away from the beach
  • Various surf courses offered for all skill levels
  • Surf Spots right at your door
  • 4 Yoga Sessions per week included
  • Accommodation in wooden Sheddies, which 2 person wooden Bungalows

The surf courses in Le Pin Sec are one of the things that set this camp apart from the rest. The crew make sure to offer courses that not only get people up and riding their first waves, but also getting those already comfortable out in the water with the basics locked down catching bigger waves, working on big turns, and generally advancing every facet of your surfing. The camp attracts a very international crowd, so even if you grew up surfing, the team have got the right course for you where you improve your surfing while getting to surf some of Frances’ best waves. Each week you are in Le Pin Sec the team throw in 4 Yoga sessions that are run by experienced & qualified yogis. This is the perfect way to balance out the work you do out in the surf every day.


Drone horizontal beach photo
Surf trip to southern France
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Endless & stunning beaches

Le Pin Sec
Along the southwest coast of region you will come across Arachon, a region famous in France for its stunning landscape, picturesque towns, amazing surf and delicious wine & food

Le Pin Sec is one of the more well-known beachside towns in the area a because of its beautiful beach located at the towns edge. Along the beach you not only find plenty of peaks for surfing, but also lots of quiet spots to relax, and a few leftover bunkers. The town itself has no real centre. It’s a combination of small and larger restaurants, bars, and a few shops scattered along a few main roads. The place to be in the evenings is at one of the bars or cafés along the beach, or even on the beach itself where the party can roll on well into the night.

Local Tips

Wine France sunset
Bordeaux city trip
Sunset surf in Le Pin Sec
Le Pin Sec beachfront sunset
Southern France Surf Trip
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Take a trip and explore the local wineries

Medoc Wine Region
Every week the team organise a trip to taste some of the locally produced wines. You get to try wines that are made in much smaller quantities and with a lot of love. If you want to go out on your own and try a few of the local ‘vinos’ you can rent a bike from the camp on head out on your own.

If you are looking for a night on the town with some funs locals, Lacanau is the spot for you. The main boulevard through town is filled bars & nightclubs where you can choose between relaxed live music, hip-hop clubs or house music. There are options to either party through the night, or just enjoy a relaxing evening along the waterfront with a delicious cocktail.

Located on the banks of the Garonne, Bordeaux combines culture, amazing food, wild nightlife and stunning architecture. Taking a trip to this big city is definitely worth the trip after your morning surf session, and you can go by yourself, or with the team from Camp who can show you some of the most popular sights.

One of the best spots to watch the sunset is from atop the sand dunes overlooking the beach at Le Pin Sec. You can even make yourself cosy in one of the bunkers, or from out in the ocean while you wait to catch your last wave for the day. Tourist’s aren’t the only people who make the most of this magic time of day as you’ll see locals getting comfortable with a glass of wine and enjoying it just as much as you.


team place holder

The Team Le Pin Sec
The Surf & Yoga Le Pin Sec Team is experienced, motivated and ocean loving. They will do everything in their power to make your stay as fun & comfortable as humanly possible, and will go out of their way to create the perfect surf trip for you, your friends & your family.



Camping version 2.0. the Sheddies have become a familiar sight over the past years at our French campgrounds, and this year we have developed them further, and moved to Le Pin Sec. Inside each Sheddie you’ll find a 1.5-meter-wide double bed, with plenty of storage space underneath.

The Sheddies are tall enough to easily be able to get your wetsuit on inside in the morning, and store anything you want underneath your bed.

Sheddies southern France
The famous sheddies, waiting for you this summer

Online Booking



Key Facts

Learn to surf France
Small groups give you plenty of space, and lots of helpful tips from the coaches

The surf school attached to Le Pin Sec makes sure the surf courses are not only fun, but also safe and effective. The team are experienced, local to the area, and qualified by the ISA which means they make learning to surf as enjoyable as possible by getting you on the best waves in the area.

    • Licensed surf school with 15 years’ experience
    • ISA International Qualifications
    • All coaches also qualified lifeguards
    • New surfboards and wetsuits every season
    • 1 coach to no more than 8 students
    • Groups are split according to skill level, meaning you are always pushing your surf skills

    Surf Package XL (10 Hours): 1.129 kr
    Surf Package XXL (15 Hours): 1.689 kr


    Learn to surf France
    A little theory on the beach goes a long way in the water

    When taking part in the Beginners surf course you have the choice between the XL (10 Hour) and the XXL (15 Hour) surf courses:

    Surf Package XL (10 Hours): 1.129 kr: Includes surfboard & wetsuits incorporates theory and practical learning in a 1.5 Hour session.

    Surf Package XXL (15 Hours): 1.689 kr: Includes surfboard & wetsuits incorporates theory and practical learning in a 1.5 Hour session.

    The surf schools Beginner courses are aimed at getting people who have never been on a surfboard, or have very minimal experience, out in the ocean having fun and catching waves. The aim of the game is to get people paddling into waves on their own steam, getting up, and riding the wave in the direction of the beach. If you master catching the whitewash and getting up you’ll move a few meters away from the beach and start catching green waves (waves before they break).

    We make sure that for every surf coach never takes out more than 8 surfers so he can give individual feedback to each surfer, and help with your individual requirements. The surf gear is yours for the week. So, you can head out for an evening paddle if you like after your morning surf school sessions, and fine tune those skills you developed in the morning.


    When taking part in the Intermediate surf course you have the choice between the XL (10 Hour) and the XXL (15 Hour) surf courses:

    Surf Package XL (10 Hours): 1.129 kr: Includes surfboard & wetsuits incorporates theory and practical learning in a 1.5 Hour session.

    Surf Package XXL (15 Hours): 1.689 kr Includes surfboard & wetsuits incorporates theory and practical learning in a 1.5 Hour

    The intermediate course is for those you have got a handle on paddling into green waves, getting up, and riding towards the beach. Pretty much everything the beginners surf course covers. During the course, we will fine tune your ability to read the surf and which waves to catch when. Then start working on going right and left across the face of the wave. So instead of heading straight towards the beach, you are heading across the beach.

    The courses maintain the 8:1 ratio, and will be out in the water with you giving you personalised tips and firing you up to catch slightly bigger, more powerful waves. During the intermediate course, there is also less theory on the beach. It’s pretty much a small warmup & stretch, then it’s out into the surf.

    Learn to surf Le Pin Sec
    Long beaches mean plenty of space for all the surfers in the water

    Surf Team


    Surf Team Le Pin Sec
    The experienced, ISA & Beach Lifeguard qualified, fun-loving surf-stoked surf team will get you up and riding that surfboard while maintaining a constant smile. The team has years of experience and have taught every age bracket how to surf.

    Learn to surf Le Pin Sec
    Rent a board and be first in the water every morning & last out every night

    Are you already an experienced surfer and don’t need any further lessons, the team have got you covered. You can rent boards & wetsuits directly from the camp.

    The team have a got a good selection of soft-top boards in various shapes and sizes, as well as a few hard boards for more advanced surfers. They have also got wetsuits to fit every size. After a small safety briefing the team will get your gear and snd you on your way

    Surfing Le Pin Sec
    Surfing Le Pin Sec
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    Surfing Le Pin Sec

    Le Pin Sec
    Le Pin Sec is a stunning bit of coast with plenty of sections of world class waves. the sand banks are a living thing which move constantly, but the local team keep an eye on it and know the conditions to get you to your perfect spot every day. 

    Le Pin Sec
    The local spot for our surf camp is only a few meters from away from where you will be sleeping. There are variable peaks, and consistent swell. the beach is also super long which means everybody gets a little privacy and the crowds never get crazy.

    A little north of the camp you find a little gem referred to as Mellow-Monta. When the swell picks up and other spots are huge and heavy, Mellow-Monta stay average sized, but is super clean and plenty of fun. 

    The surf city of Bordeaux is definitely worth an afternoon of your stay, not only to shop and check out the city, but you can also jump in the water and get some waves at the local beach.  



    Buffet dinners Le Pin Sec Surf Camp
    Buffet dinners Le Pin Sec Surf Camp
    Le Pin Sec Surf Camp dining
    BBQ Le Pin Sec Surf Camp
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    The buffet changes making use of the freshest local prodruce

    Half-Board included
    The team make sure your stay is as easy as humanly possible. They start the day of by getting a delicious and healthy breakfast ready for you every morning that includes fresh coffee and tea. In the evenings the team also put on a spectacular dinner that keeps even the pickiest eaters satisfied.

    Breakfast is ready by 9 every morning and is the perfect way to get the required energy for the upcoming day out in the surf. The buffet includes things like Muesli, Baguette, fresh chocolate croissants, fresh fruit, cheeses and spreads. Of course, every morning the team also prepare fresh coffee at tea.

    After a busy day out in the water and on the beach you’ll have built up quite the appetite, that’s why the team prepares a fresh dinner every day for all the guests staying at Le Pin Sec. This again is buffet style and varies day to day, making use of the delicious, locally sourced ingredients available throughout the season. There is always a main accompanied by a salad, and one night a week is a special burger night. If you have any special dietary requirements just let the team know, and the master chef will make sure you are catered to.




    Lacanau surf beaches France
    Take a trip with the crew to Lancanau to check out the amazing beaches & surf culture

    At least once a week the team from Le Pin Sec offer all the guests the chance to book a trip to Lacanau. You can use the opportunity to check out a new city, do some shopping, eat some great local cuisine, or have a fun evening out at the local bars & nightclubs.

    Located along the coast, Lacanau is famous for the beachside bars and nightclubs where you can easily party until the sun rises again. The long main Boulevard also has plenty of more relaxed bars and restaurants for those that didn’t bring their dancing shoes and would rather a nice casual drink and a great meal.


    Bordeaux France
    Bordeaux France Party time
    1 / 2
    Discover the beauty of Bordeaux

    Another option the team at surf camp Le Pin Sec offer every week is taking a trip to nearby Bordeaux.

    Bordeaux is a stunning old city where you can shop, check out museums & truly amazing architecture, as well as enjoy the locally produced wine and nightlife. The restaurants found in Bordeaux are also well worth trying, and serve everything from local favourites to international classics.

    Yoga sessions in the Pine Forest
    Yoga sessions in the Pine Forest
    Yoga sessions on the beach in France
    Yoga sessions in the Pine Forest
    1 / 4
    Yoga sessions in the Pine Forest

    The Le Pin Sec team are very health conscious and take their surfing seriously. That’s why they offer 4 yoga sessions per week to all the guests. They know the benefits of being flexible and stretching regularly to not only improve your surfing, but also to recover quicker from long sessions out in the water and deal better with injury. Yoga however not only makes you flexible, it builds strength, endurance, gives you a better ability to control your breath and also calms your mind.

    The 4 yoga sessions are included for all guests and usually take place near the beach in the shade after your daily surf sessions. You can also add an extra 3 yoga sessions to your stay for 189 €.


    In the middle of the camp you have a freshly built miniramp for you to use. It stands about 3ft tall, and roughly 4 meters across, making it perfect for beginners to learn on, and more advanced skaters to practice some new moves.

    The team have plenty of skateboard for you to borrow if you didn’t bring one. And if you’ve never had a go, one of the crew will surely be there and can give you some pointers for your first drop in.

    Miniramp France surf camp
    Skating campground surf France
    1 / 2
    Rent skateboards free of charge from camp


    Skater girls and ice cream France
    Skater girl at sunset France
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    Roll to town, get an ice cream, roll back

    A great way to get around Le Pin Sec is to borrow one of the longboards from the camp and roll around town and the surrounding hills. The boards are stored behind the bar, and can be rented free of charge.

    We always recommend rolling around on the flat ground before you start hiking up the nearest, steepest hill. We don’t particularly want to bandage up your roadrash, and getting in the ocean with open wounds is always a little uncomfortable. So, we recommend baby steps. The team is always on hand to give you a few pointers and point you in the direction of some nice mellow hills to learn on.

    Sunset Volleyball at Le Pin Sec
    Sunset Volleyball at Le Pin Sec

    Every week the team also organise a Beach Volleyball tournament amongst all the guests. Get together with a group of 5 or 6, and compete for the weekly trophy and prize.

    Even if you aren’t playing it turns out it is even quite a lot of fun to just watch and cheer on your favourites.

    Drinking wine and partying in France
    party nights in Le Pin Sec
    1 / 2
    Big nights out in any of the nearby towns

    Most evenings end either at the bar at the camp ground, or one of the local bars along the beachfront. There’s nothing like a cold beer, or delicious wine, to see out a successful day out in the surf.

    Every Friday the team throw a themed party to close out the surf courses for the week. The theme always changes and could be anything from zombies to pirates.

    Playing cards southern France
    Le Pin Sec Surf trip
    1 / 2
    Enjoy the sunshine in southern France

    Some of the organised events on offer include a quiz night, karaoke evening, skate demos’ and lessons, as well as trips to the beach to play beach games.




    Navigate via the tabs to find the prices for accommodation prices as well as various optional extras. Here you will see an example:

    1 Week from 1.499 kr including:

    • 7 Nights accommodation in Double Sheddie
    • 4 Yoga Sessions
    • Half-Board
    • Skateboard Rental
    • Miniramp & Bar
    • Apres Surf

    Detailed price overview through: Accommodation


    Price per Person, per Week


    • 7 Nights accommodation in Sheddie
    • 4 Yoga Sessions
    • Half-Board
    • Skateboard Rental
    • Miniramp & Bar
    • Apres Surf
    (1 WEEK)
    (1 WEEK)
    (2 WEEKS)
    (2 WEEKS)
    30 June 1.499 kr 2.399 kr 2.389 kr 3.439 kr
    07 July 1.869 kr 2.399 kr 3.139 kr 4.189 kr
    14 July 1.869 kr 2.399 kr 3.139 kr 4.189 kr
    21 July 2.099 kr 2.619 kr 3.589 kr 4.639 kr
    28 July 2.249 kr 2.769 kr 3.889 kr 4.939 kr
    04 August 2.249 kr 2.769 kr 3.889 kr 4.939 kr
    11 August 2.249 kr 2.769 kr 3.889 kr 4.939 kr
    18 August 2.249 kr 2.769 kr 3.889 kr 4.939 kr
    25 August 2.099 kr 2.619 kr 3.589 kr 4.639 kr

    Online Booking

    Optional Extras

    Pre-Booking & Onsite Booking Available:

    Price per Person

    XL - Surf Package Beginner (10 h) 1.129 kr
    XXL - Surf Package Beginner (15 h) 1.689 kr
    XL - Surf Package Intermediate (10 h) 1.129 kr
    XXL - Surf Package Intermediate (15 h) 1.689 kr
    Rental 269 kr


    Surf equipment always available outside of course times when taking part in any course.

    Yoga (3 extra sessions) 189 €

    Online Booking



    Bordeaux Airport
    Bordeaux Airport (BOD) is the closest airport and is 1 hour 15 minutes away from Le Pin Sec.

    We offer an extra service where we will find you a cheap, available flight. We’ll double-check the prices and availability and will contact you with the final offer. For those of you who would rather find and book flights yourself we recommend Skyscanner which will give you a good overview of the available flights and where they depart from.

    RyanAir and Easyjet provide cheap and easy ways to get to airports near Zarautz, from most airports in and around all major centres in the UK.

    With the bus from Bordeaux to Surf & Yoga Le Pin Sec you first need to get on the bus to Lesparre-Médoc. and from there take a twenty minute taxi ride to the camp. Otherwise a taxi from the airport directly to the camp costs around 130 €.You can find more info here.

    Camp Address:
    60 Le Pin Sec-Nord, 33990 Naujac-sur-Mer, France.

    Public Transport

    With the bus from Bordeaux to Surf & Yoga Le Pin Sec you first need to get on the bus to Lesparre-Médoc. and from there take a twenty minute taxi ride to the camp. Otherwise a taxi from the airport directly to the camp costs around 130 €.You can find more info here.

    Camp Address:
    60 Le Pin Sec-Nord, 33990 Naujac-sur-Mer, France.

    Your own, or Rental Car
    If you picked up a rental car, or are taking your own. The address is:

    60 Le Pin Sec-Nord
    33990 Naujac-sur-Mer

    Parking is available near the camp at a Public Carpark, best bet is to drive to the camp, then park after you have unpacked. For any further information you can contact the camp manager directly. We will pass on his email address & telephone number on the invoice. If you are driving, make sure to offer any spare seats through websites like BlaBlaCar. Just trying to help one another, and the environment a little bit.


    Get your obligation free quote now!


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