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Surf Camp Bali Seminyak, Indonesia, accommodation, pool, learn to surf Surf Camp Bali Seminyak, Indonesia, wave, surftravel Surf Camp Bali Seminyak, Indonesia, barrel, surf holiday Surf Camp Bali Seminyak, Indonesia, volcano, wave, surfing Surf Camp Bali Seminyak, Indonesia, temple, surf holiday Surf Camp Bali Seminyak, Indonesia, boy, learn to surf Surf Camp Bali Seminyak, Indonesia, surf travel, air, greenwaves Surf Camp Bali Seminyak, Indonesia, volcano, jungle, surf travel
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Surf Camp Bali / Seminyak

Sun, Surf and Parties Guaranteed

Surf Camp Bali / Seminyak is the perfect spot if you want:

house Surf House 100%

wave Waves/Surfing 100%

Camp-Icon Distance to Beach 95%

fun Party 95%

money Budget 85%

Activities-Icon Activities 90%

Campfinder-Icon PURE Rating 95%

Surf Camp Bali Seminyak, Indonesia, accommodation, pool, learn to surf
Surf Camp Bali Seminyak, Indonesia, wave, surftravel
Surf Camp Bali Seminyak, Indonesia, barrel, surf holiday
Surf Camp Bali Seminyak, Indonesia, volcano, wave, surfing
Surf Camp Bali Seminyak, Indonesia, temple, surf holiday
Surf Camp Bali Seminyak, Indonesia, boy, learn to surf
Surf Camp Bali Seminyak, Indonesia, surf travel, air, greenwaves
Surf Camp Bali Seminyak, Indonesia, volcano, jungle, surf travel

Surf, Surf & Holiday

  • Stunning Surf Camp in Seminyak – mediated by Pure Surf Camps
  • Beautiful beaches and epic surf spots nearby
  • Surf, practice yoga, take day trips or get massages from the Surf Camp
  • Amazingly priced
  • Warm weather all year long
  • Western luxury standards
  • Surf Camp Seminyak is your gateway to great surf in Bali

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Surf Camp

Surf Camp


Surf Camp Seminyak
Surf Camp Seminyak Jacuzzi
Surf Camp Seminyak
Surf Camp Seminyak girls sun bathing
Surf Camp Seminyak pool
Surf Camp Seminyak outdoor restaurant
Surf Camp Seminyak
1 / 7
Amazing camp, perfect to relax & party

When you choose to stay at Surf Camp Seminyak you’ll get the perfect combination of time spent in epic surf, chilling around the pool, and partying in nearby Kuta.

  • Amazing accommodation with modern Indonesian style
  • Only a few minutes to Kuta Beach where you’ll find great waves
  • Enjoy the chilled camp atmosphere in the evenings
  • Explore the bars, restaurants, cafes and nightclubs of neighbouring Kuta
  • Daily breakfast included where you’ll get fresh tropical fruit, smoothies, local and international cuisine
  • You can choose the Half Board option where a 2-course meal is included every evening
  • Plenty of opportunities to take day trips around the country

PT Indonesia Surfaris run Surf Camp Seminyak and are a trusted partner of Pure Surf Camps. The camp is near the hustle & bustle of Kuta and Seminyak, but once you enter the grounds you’re exported into a tropical oasis where it is quiet and relaxed. The 6km Kuta Beach is only 4 minutes away on foot, once there you will find perfect surf spots like Gado-Gado, HalfWay, Padma and KuDeTa that provide waves perfect for everybody from the total rookie, to the seasoned pro.

If you head 3km south from the camp you are in Kuta Central, meaning a quick trip to go shopping, or a late night out partying is no issue. It is far enough away to ensure the neighbourhood around the camp directly isn’t crazy busy and you can still get a good night’s rest for your early morning surf session.

At the camp itself you have all the western luxuries you want, mixed up with Indonesian style and flair. The centrepiece of the camp is a big natural stone pool with Jacuzzi surrounded by a large chill area and tropical plants. You also have an outdoor restaurant, mini theatre, Indo-Boards and Wi-Fi and a communal lounge area. The rooms themselves border the central area and are all modern, well-furnished and incorporate Indo flair. There are double and 4-person rooms, each has a modern bathroom, air-con or ventilator and a small private balcony.


Surf Camp Seminyak Tannah Lot Bali
Surf Camp Seminyak Monkey Bali Sunset
Surf Camp Seminyak Royal Temple
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Bali, where an interesting culture meets stunning landscapes

The island of Bali
Known as the Island of the Gods, Bali is definitely the most well-known of the Indonesian Islands, and for good reason. The surf in Bali was discovered in the 30’s, but it wasn’t until the 70’s that Bali became a premier surfing destination. When you arrive you’ll be inundated in amazing surf spots, just let the local crew give you some advice and you’re sure to score some epic waves.

Bali isn’t only this popular because of the great waves however. You have the wild nightlife in places like Kuta, Seminyak and the full moon beach parties are known around the globe. You also have the culture and history. The ancient Hindu temples are stunning and well worth exploring. You also have spectacular food, as well as an amazing tropical jungle landscape once you get away from the cities. There really is nothing more that you’d want from an island surf trip.

Local Tips

Surf Camp Seminyak rice terraces
The rice terraces around Ubud

Waterfalls, Coffee Plantations, Monkey Forest & Ubud
In Bali, you can explore the spectacular natural beauty of the country by booking a car and driver with some of your surf buddies. One of the things we recommend is taking a trip to the Waterfall in Semkumpul that is almost impossible to find without a local guide and rarely visited by tourists. On this trip, you’ll be able to check out a Coffee Plantation on the way, as well as some Rice Terraces, and a walk through the Monkey Forest by Ubud. The local guide can also recommend temples that are worth checking out on the trip as well as great places to stop and eat. This is the best way to get an amazing trip through the country with zero hassle.


Black & White Surf Team placeholder

Coming soon

Black & White Surf Team placeholder

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Surf Camp Seminyak Tipi
Surf Camp Seminyak Tipi
Surf Camp Seminyak Tipi double bed
Surf Camp Seminyak Tipi
Surf Camp Seminyak Tipi chill
1 / 5
Traditional Tipis to spend your nights in comfort

Tipis are the budget friendly option that still gives you a private space where you can retreat to after your days out in the ocean. All the Tipis are air-conditioned and come with a 1.6 x 2 meter bed, a wardrobe and a safe.

Here are the Prices!

These Tipis are a modern take on a traditional form of shelter. They are 3.5 meters tall and each have a private entrance. There is a shared bathroom and outdoor shower available to all the guests staying in the Tipis.

Dorm Rooms

Seminyak Dorm at Surf Camp Seminyak Bali
Surf Camp Seminyak
Seminyak Dorm room at surf camp Seminyak
bathrooms at Surf Camp Seminyak
Surf Camp Seminyak deluxe dorm
Surf Camp Seminyak deluxe dorm
Surf Camp Seminyak deluxe dorm
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Seminyak Dorm: 3 bunk beds to accommodate 6 surfers

Seminyak Dorm:
These 6-Person Dorm rooms have 3 comfortable bunk beds, air-conditioning, and a little storage cupboard for each guest. Some of them have their own private bathroom with access through the dorm, others you have to walk across the hallway. If you walk out the veranda door you’ll walk out to a small balcony overlooking the pool and pool bar.

Here are the Prices!

Deluxe Rooms:

The Deluxe Room is built in a traditional Balinese style called a Lumbung. These rooms have a private bathroom with modern amenities like rain showers to make your stay extra comfortable. The Deluxe Dorm Room can sleep a maximum of 8 guests, there are 4 bunk beds split over to floors with a small tropical garden outside.

4-Person - 'Lumbung'

Lumbung Surf Camp Seminyak
Lumbung Surf Camp Seminyak
Lumbung Surf Camp Seminyak
1 / 3
The Lumbungs' are surrounded by the tropical garden

A Lumbung is a traditional type of Balinese bungalow that incorporate lots of bamboo, wood and have a straw roof.

Here are the Prices!

The 4-Person Lumbung is spread out over 2 floors, and has air-conditioning, a small safe, mosquito nets, and a private modern bathroom. The 2 Lumbungs' at Surf Camp Seminyak are located directly next to the central pool and terrace.



Double Rooms

Twin Single rooms at Surf Camp Seminyak Bali
Surf Camp Seminyak Bali
Surf Camp Seminyak Bali Superior Double room
Surf Camp Seminyak Bali Superior Double
Surf Camp Seminyak Bali bathroom
Surf Camp Seminyak Bali Deluxe
1 / 6
The Standard Double Room can come in a twin single option

Standard Double Room / Twin Singe (Shared):
These rooms are on the top floor of the main house with a view of the ocean and either come with a double bed, or two singles. The rooms also have a ventilator and 2 small safes. On the small terrace outside the room you have a small sofa thats perfect for chilling in the evenings, or between surfs.

Here are the Prices!

Superior Double:

These exclusive rooms are located on the 1st floor of the newly built portion of the camp. The rooms are kitted out with a double bed, air-conditioning, 32” TV, DVD player, a safe, hairdryer, free toiletries and luxury towels. The camps also have a small, private balcony that looks over the pool area.

Deluxe Double / Twin Singe (Shared):
For those that are looking for total luxury during their time in Bali will be amazed with this option from Surf Camp Seminyak. The room is on the 1st floor of the main house, and each room has a modern bathroom that is half open. The rooms also include huge double beds or two super comfortable singles, air-conditioning, 32” TV, DVD player, a safe, hairdryer, free toiletries and luxury towels. You also have a small sofa thats perfect for chilling in the evenings, or between surfs, and you can get breakfast or dinner brought to your room.


Surf Camp Seminyak
Surf Camp Seminyak Suite private meal
Surf Camp Seminyak suite TV
1 / 3
Private sun terrace in the suite

The shared suite can accommodate up to 4 people. The rooms have one bedroom where you can choose 2 single, or one double bed, and a living room with fold-out couches. There is also a modern kitchenette with a sink, fridge, stove and a dining table. Outside you also have your own private balcony where you can soak up the sun.

Here are the Prices!

You have a private bathroom with modern amenities like a rain shower as well as plenty of other added extras like air-conditioning, 32” TV, DVD player, sound system, 2 small safes, hairdryer, free toiletries and luxury towels.

You have private bathroom with modern amenities like rain showers as well as plenty of other added extras like air-conditioning, 32” TV, DVD player, sound system, 2 small safes, hairdryer, free toiletries and luxury towels. Breakfast, and dinner can also be brought to your room so you can eat privately with your travel companions either on the dining table or on the terrace. .


Online Booking



Key Facts

Surf Bali with Pure Surf Camps
Top waves for every skill level, all year

Surf Guiding is included in your stay. You can surf twice a day at spots the local team have picked out. You’ll get helpful tips about your surfing and the waves as well as the chance to take part in video coaching.

  • Surf Guiding 2x a day, 7 days a week, 10 sessions included
  • Video Coaching 3x per week
  • Transfers, introduction to the waves and tips
  • Experienced & local surf guides who surf themselves
  • Small groups for each session
  • Make massive progress with your surfing whether you are a beginner or pro


Surfer girl bikini blonde hair
1 / 2
Take the short walk to the best surf spots

The 2 guided surf sessions every day will take you to waves that are perfect for your skill level. Small and mellow for beginners, to big and heavy for pros, and everything in between. The transfers to the beach, point or reef break are included, as are the tips you will get before, and throughout the session from the experienced and local surf coaches.

There is even video coaching 3 days a week to review your surfing when you’re back at camp and point out any problems you might be having. Twice a week there are extra theory courses available to improve your surfing, rules in the surf, and the way you read the waves & the conditions.

Each group is split into surfers who are at the same level, so the guide for you, and the group you are in, will find the perfect spot for you taking into account the season, swell, weather and tide. The groups will be smaller, you’ll have more access to the guides, and the people in your group will push one another. All of this means, regardless of where your surfing was at when you arrive, your skills in the surf are going to improve dramatically during your stay.

The daily routine:
Every evening you sign up to a surf session that suites your ability and the time you’d like to hit the water. If you’re keen you can sign up to the sunrise session and get out in the water before the crowds, and have breakfast when you get back.

Intermediate Surfers:
For intermediate surfers you have plenty of beach and easy reef and point breaks nearby that provide surf big and powerful enough so you can get long rides along the face, but not too big and shallow to scare you out of catching any waves. These long rides are perfect for learning big carves and turns and will improve your surfing, and build your confidence dramatically.

Advanced Surfers:
Advanced surfers will experience the best Bali has to offer. There are plenty of world class reefs and points along the coast where the waves will be almost perfect. The team will take you to spots like Padang Padang, Dreamland, Ulawatu or Balangan where you can catch long, big and hollow waves that will get even the most seasoned surfer stoked. With the tips from the locals you’ll paddle right out into the perfect position, and catch wave after wave.


black & white surf place holder

Coming soon

black & white surf place holder

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Learn to surf Seminyak
Learn the basics on the beach, then practice in the tropical water

For total beginners planning a trip to Surf House Seminyak you can book the Beginners Surf course. The mellow beach breaks close to the camp like HalfWay, Padma, Kudeta and DoubleSix are the ideal spots to catch your first waves. The waves are not only easy to catch and ideal to perfect your take-of, but also provide long rides where you can get your surfboard balance sorted and start working on turns.

Even more advanced surfers can come to these spots and catch epic long rides, with plenty of open face in front of you, and plenty of time to consciously think about the next turn you’re going to make, and where you are going to make it.

Price for the Learn-to-Surf Package is 968 kr for 3, 2-Hour sessions spaced over 3 days.

Surfer girl sunshine Kuta Beach
Kuta Beach, 4 minutes from the camp, and a great place to surf

Surf House Seminyak has a massive selection of rental boards on offer that include Shortboards that range from 6 ft. to 7 ft. as well as retro fish and Minimals for beginners. The team can get you on the perfect board taking into account the conditions, your skill level, and the type of surfing you are going to be doing. If you’re not bothered transporting your board from home you can obviously bring it along. Any extras you need, or may have forgotten, like wax, boardshorts, surf bikini, tail pad, fins or a leash, are all available at the local surf store.

You have an option of getting surfboard insurance for your rental board, just in case it hits the reef or sand while surfing, or you accidentally drop it on the way to the beach, it doesn’t matter if it’s a small ding, or something more serious. If you happen to loose the board somehow, surfboard insurance won’t cover that and you’ll have to fork out for a replacement.




Food at surf camp seminyak Bali
food at Surf Camp Seminyak
1 / 2
You can get any meals delivered to your private terrace

A delicious breakfast is included for all guest, with the option of upgrading to a Deluxe Breakfast for 39 kr per day.

Breakfast runs from 07:00 till 12:00 every day. Coffee and tea are available from 06:00 till 18:00. If you are taking part in the early morning surf session and don’t think you’ll be back by 12 you can ask for breakfast-to-go in the evening.

Standard Breakfast:
The standard breakfast consists of a selection of juices or smoothies, coffee & tea, plus a starter and a main.

Deluxe Breakfast:
The deluxe breakfast is more of an all you can eat deal which is perfect when you return from your early morning surf session. It also includes smoothies, coffee & tea.


Food at surf camp Seminyak Bali
Local & International cuisine on offer for every meal

Half Board
A great way to make your trip uncomplicated in terms of evening meals is to choose the half board option. Every night after 17:30 you’ll be able to choose a 2-course meal from a varied menu that consists of both local in international food. The experienced chef has daily specials and sometime fires up the BBQ or prepares a big buffet dinner.

Indonesian Food
If you choose not to take the Half Board option you can find plenty of great restaurants surrounding the camp and even more the closer you get to Kuta. You can get a healthy and delicious local Nasi or Mie Goreng at a picturesque beachside café for as little as 15 kr.

Western Food
Once you start heading to the more touristy areas like Seminyak you’ll have a great selection of western restaurants. You’ll find everything from the typical American burger joints to Italian, Japanese and German restaurants that cater to tourists who want to experience the comforts of home.



Bali coastline
The stunning Balinese coastline

So that you experience more of what Bali has to offer the team organises weekend day trips with a private driver who can fill you in on plenty of interesting facts, local tips and show you the best sights on the way. For example, if the trip is to Ubud, the driver might make a stop at a Temple, or waterfall on the way that is off the beaten tourist path.

If you want to explore Bali on your own accord you can rent the bus with driver from camp, as long as there is 3 or more of you. You can also use the bus if you just want to go the the supermarket or cash machine.

Otherwise you also have the option of renting a scooter or mountain bike to explore. There’s nothing quite like strapping a board to the side of your scooter and exploring the coast, stopping at any spot you like for a quick surf, then continuing until sunset. If you want to rent a scooter, or the van, you need an international driver’s license.

Buddhist temple Bali
Explore Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim culture in Bali

There are plenty of opportunities to experience Balinese culture. Whether you want to go to one of the many ancient Hindu or Buddhist temples to learn about the origins of the culture, visit the palaces to see how the royalty in Bali live, check out the rice fields or even take trips into the bigger cities to shop, eat & party. Each trip will highlight a different element of Balinese culture. From its origins in the temples, through its development, to what the culture has become today.

Snorkelling Bali
Explore the underwater world of Bali with a Dive or Snorkelling Tour

For those who like an action-packed trip, Surf House Seminyak has got you covered. On top of the 10-surf session per week you have included in your stay you can also go Diving on one of the outer reefs surrounding the island. Kite Boarding or Stand Up Paddleboarding are also available. If you want to get out of the ocean you can also go White-Water-Rafting. If you want to stay out of the water altogether you can go mountain biking, hiking, rock-climbing, zip-lining or even hike up a volcano to watch the sunrise.




Navigate via the tabs to find prices for the different accommodation options, as well as various optional extras. Here you will see an example:

1 Week incl. Surf Guiding & Breakfast from 1568 kr:

  • 7 nights incl. 2-Course Breakfast
  • Surf Guiding, min. 10 Sessions per Week
  • 3x Video Coaching & 2x Theory per Week
  • 1x Boat Shuttle to Outer Reefs (Advanced Surfers Only) per week
  • 1 x Day trip to the beach
  • Wi-fi
  • Free Coffee & Tea (till 18.00 Uhr)
  • Airport Transfer

Detailed prices under: Accommodation


Price per Person, per Week

  • All prices without discount
  • Every night you stay the price drops by 1%
  • Maximum discount is 50% after 50 nights
  • Example: If you stay for 14 nights – you get a 14% discount on accommodation
  • No discount on any extras including any surcharges, meals, day trips and surfboard rental & courses
  • The prices can vary depending on availability
09.01. – 19.03. 19.03. – 22.04.
22.04. – 05.06. 05.06. – 24.06. 24.06. – 23.09.
23.09. – 04.11.
04.11. – 16.12. 16.12. – 09.01.


  • 1 night incl. 3-Course Breakfast Menu
  • Surf Guiding, min. 10 Sessions per Week incl. spot info & tips out in the water
  • 3x Video Coaching & 2x Theory per Week
  • 1x Boat Shuttle to Outer Reefs (Advanced Surfers Only) per week
  • Wi-fi
  • Free Coffee & Tea (till 18.00 Uhr)
  • Airport Transfer
  • 1x Beach Day Trip on Sunday
  • Free Mountain Bike rental
  • Driver Service
  • Concierge Service (7:00 – 23:00 Uhr)
  • Daily City Shuttle

Tipi 510 kr 638 kr 675 kr
Seminyak 6-Person Dorm 263 kr 263 kr 300 kr
Deluxe 8-Person Dorm 300 kr 300 kr 375 kr
4-Person Room 360 kr 450 kr 450 kr
Standard Double Room 435 kr 563 kr 600 kr
Superior Double Room 548 kr 675 kr 13 kr
Deluxe Double Room 623 kr 750 kr 788 kr
Suite 773 kr 900 kr 938 kr

Room Surcharge to add to the Double Room Price. No discount possible:

Single Occupancy Surcharge 300 kr
Deluxe Room Surcharge 189 kr

Deluxe Villa Bonus: 2 Massages per Person, per Week included.


Online Booking

Optional Extras

Pre-booking and payment possible as well as onsite:

Catering Extras (No Discount Possible)

Half Board (2-Course Dinner) 60 kr Per Day
Deluxe Breakfast 39 kr per Day

Extras (No Discount Possible)

Surfboard Rental 375 kr/Week & 75 kr/Day
Drink Bottle and unlimited drinking water 113 kr
Surfboard Insurance 60 kr/Day & 375 kr for up to 3 Weeks
Beginners Surf Course (3 x 2h) 968 kr per Person
Airport Transfer 113 kr per Person, per Trip (free after 5 nights)*
*Contact the camp manager once your flights are booked. Their details are on the Pure Surf Camp invoice.

Online Booking




Denpasar Airport (DPS)

We offer an extra service where we will find you the cheapest available flight, then contact you with the final offer. Flights to Denpasar are the best option when travelling to Surf House Canguu. When the flights are booked and finalised we can organise an airport transfer to come and meet you at the airport, and take you to the Surf House.

For those of you who would rather find and book flights yourself, we recommend Skyscanner, this will give you a good overview of the available flights and where they depart from, and where they stop over. You can fly to Denpasar Airport (DPS) with Emirates, QatarEtihad and many more local & international airlines.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Airport Transfer

If you’re staying more than 5 days the crew will pick you up, and drop you off at the airport free of charge. If you’re not staying 5 nights then the trip is 15 € per person, per trip. Contact the camp manager once your flights are booked. Their details are on the Pure Surf Camp invoice.

Driver Service

For any day trips you want to undertake, or trips to the airport or harbour, you can book a Driver and car or van for the day. This is a great way to get some local info and explore the country in comfort. The team at Surf House Canguu will gladly organise a car a driver for you whenever you need.


Get your obligation free quote now!


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