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Surf Camp Figueira, portugal, nature, beachhuts Surf Camp Figueira, portugal, surfing, barrel, greenwave Surf Camp Figueira, portugal, beach, coastline Surf Camp Figueira, portugal, wave, surfing Surf Camp Figueira, portugal, beach, flowers, girl Surf Camp Figueira, portugal, relax, garden Surf Camp Figueira, portugal, wave, learn how to surf Surf Camp Figueira, portugal, city, rooftops
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Surf Camp Figueira

The real surfer destination - Portugal

Surf Camp Figueira is a perfect camp if you are looking for:

wave Waves/Surfing 95%

Camp-Icon Distance to Beach 90%

Beach-Icon Variety of Breaks 95%

Activities-Icon Activities 100%

surf Surf Coaching 100%

fun Party 80%

Campfinder-Icon PURE Rating 95%

Surf Camp Figueira, portugal, nature, beachhuts
Surf Camp Figueira, portugal, surfing, barrel, greenwave
Surf Camp Figueira, portugal, beach, coastline
Surf Camp Figueira, portugal, wave, surfing
Surf Camp Figueira, portugal, beach, flowers, girl
Surf Camp Figueira, portugal, relax, garden
Surf Camp Figueira, portugal, wave, learn how to surf
Surf Camp Figueira, portugal, city, rooftops

Catch perfect waves with the Pros’ at empty surf spots

  • The perfect camp for sport lovers - mediated by Pure Surf Camps
  • Stunning ocean views from the hill top location
  • Giant 3-hectare garden with pool, & beach area
  • Stunning ocean views from the hill top location
  • Surf Camp run by current and former pro surfers
  • Improve your surfing quickly regardless if it’s your first time or you’ve had years of practices
  • Walking distance to the local beach
  • High quality camp with handmade wooden furniture
  • Surf great waves without the crowds
  • Extra activities like Yoga, Massage, Tabata and Cardio training as well as Boxing



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Surf Camp

Surf Camp


Surf Camp Figueira portugal
Palm trees hammocks beach sunshine
small pool yellow bikini beer
Figueira da Foz palm trees blue sky sunshine
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Surf Camp Figueira

The former & current pro surfers that run Surf Camp Figueira will get your surfing to the next level regardless if you are just getting started or if you’re a seasoned veteran.

  • Surf Lessons and Surf Guiding with Pros’ who know the coast
  • Yoga, Massage and wellness area to relax and unwind
  • Surf specific fitness program to improve your surf ability
  • Stunning ocean view from the balcony, garden or your window
  • Double and dorm rooms available along with plenty of communal areas
  • Includes a healthy and delicious daily breakfast buffet as well as 2 onsite kitchens
  • The small city centre of Figueira easily accessible on foot
  • Chilled, comfortable camp to truly enjoy a relaxing holiday

Surf Camp Figuera, operated by Mystery Lda, has been mediated by Pure Surf Camps since it opened. The pro surfers push you to improve your surfing and build your confidence without leaving you feeling overwhelmed. Once you’re finished with your daily surf or two you have plenty of opportunities to get the most out of your holiday. Outside you can utilise the giant garden, hammocks, small swimming pool, or beach area after your surf to relax, enjoy the sun, or shade, and the fresh Atlantic Ocean air. If its winter, or you just want to spend a little time inside you have a big lounge and home cinema to lay back and watch a film.

The camp itself sits atop a small hill overlooking the coast to one side, which is a little under a kilometre away, and the town centre of Figueira da Foz on the other, which is about 15 minutes’ walk away.


Figueira da Foz town at sunset Portugal
Figueira da Foz at sunset

Figueira da Foz
Surf Camp Figueira sits on a small hill surrounded by nature on the outskirt of the town of Figueira da Foz. You can see the town clearly from the camp, and it is easy to reach on foot, but it is still far enough away not to hear anything. If you look the other direction from the balcony or your room at camp you will see the swell rolling in from the Atlantic towards the points, reefs and beaches of the west coast of Portugal.

Figueira da Foz is is small and quaint little town that is well worth getting familiar with. The tourist boom hasn’t hit it as hard as some other coastal towns so you still find authentic, well priced and delicious restaurants, great little local bars and watering holes, as well as a couple of really interesting shops. You can easily walk there in 15 minutes or hitch a ride with the crew that go there at least once a day to go to the supermarket or to a restaurant

This stretch of coast is a perfect surf destination year-round, even in the relatively mild winters Portugal is well worth a visit. There are more than a dozen world class breaks in the area directly surrounding Figueira da Foz with two of the best being the point break of Buarcos and the beach break at Cabedelo.

Local Tips

Figueira golden sand beach Portugal
Endless golden sand beaches at your doorstep

Figueira da Foz sits at the mouth of the Mondego River with kilometres of golden sand beaches stretching to the north and south. If you get up early it’s easy to find an empty panoramic view or empty, perfect waves.

The little town is filled with great restaurants and bars. If you want to try an authentic Portuguese dish you can’t go past a Bacalhau, which is essentially the Portuguese take on grilled fish. In the old town center and along the beachfront promenade you have a bunch of great spots to grab a drink after your time in the ocean. There is even a couple of great nightclubs as well as a casino if you quickly want to try fund your next surf trip.

If you want some advice on the best restaurants, bars and nightclubs, just ask the crew at camp when you arrive and they’ll be more than happy to fill you in with any extra details.


black and white surf photo

Yoyo is the camp manager who originally comes from Munich, Germany. He calls Figueira da Foz and the adjoining surf spots home and has become a true local both in and out of the water. When he visits his home town, which is rarely, you will most probably find him in the water surfing the standing wave in the Eisbach.



Dorm Rooms

Surf Camp Figueira Portugal bedroom
Surf Camp Figueira Portugal bedroom
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Comfortable, simple and clean accommodation

The 4-person dorm room is perfect for a group of friends or solo-travellers who want explore Portugal and surf great waves. The room has two bunk beds that have been handmade using recycled wooden pallets and fitted with luxurious modern mattresses.

Here are the Prices!

The room has its own private bathroom and access to Wi-Fi. These rooms are perfect to enjoy the peace and quiet of the surroundings with your friends, or to meet other travellers on your journey, all while surfing and experiencing authentic Portuguese culture.



Double Room

Surf Camp Figueira double bed balcony
Twin single at surf camp Figueira Portugal
Figueira Surf Camp bathroom
hand crafter beds using pallets
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4 of the double rooms come with a private balcony

At Surf Camp Figuera there are 6 double rooms available. Each has its own bathroom and has either a double or 2 single beds. These rooms have large windows for plenty of light and air and overlook either the garden or beach, 4 of the rooms also have their own private balconies.

Here are the Prices!

The rooms are kitted out with handmade wooden furniture that uses recycled wooden pallets that have been lovingly restored. Each of the beds has a new, high quality mattress meaning you’ll be well rested for the next day’s adventure.

The mix of lots of light, the wooden furniture, and the decoration of them evokes a very relaxed and inviting atmosphere making it the perfect place to relaxing & unwind in the evenings. All the rooms have internet access as well.



Communal Areas

fireplace lounge Surf Camp Figueira Portugal
Home theatre big TV surf camp Figueira
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The communal lounge with cosy fireplace

Fitness and relaxation are the two priorities of Surf Camp Figueira. Some things you can look forward to when you get to the camp are the home theatre to lay back and watch movies or classic surf films, swimming in the small pool to cool of on warm summer days, heading to the beach area to read a book and swing under the palm trees in one of the hammocks or chill in the new spa area. The camp overlooks the ocean and the town of Figueira da Foz so regardless of what you do, you’ll be enjoying a stunning view. There are also two fully equipped communal kitchens where you can hang out with other guests and whip up an evening feast.

If you’re not quite ready to lay down after your surf there is the option of partaking in the surf specific fitness program that consists of a mixture of Yoga, CrossFit, coordination training, cardio and boxing that take place either out in the garden or in the fitness room.


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Key Facts

Blue sky learn to surf Portugal
Catch your first great waves on Portugals west coast

Regardless if you have never touched a surfboard or if you have surfed your whole life, the team at Surf Camp Figueira will improve your skills in the water dramatically during your stay.

  • 2 surf sessions per day from Monday to Saturday
  • Coaches are either former, or current Pro surfers
  • All coaches ISA Certified (International Surf Association)
  • High quality rental gear including shortboards, longboards, wetsuits and booties.
  • Surf lesson have perfect combination of theory and practical learning
  • Get taken to your idea of a perfect wave close to the camp


Surf lesson Surf Camp Figueira Portugal
Have fun while learning to surf

It’s not every day you get to surf with Pro surfers, let alone be taught by them. So, this is a rare opportunity to learn from the best, and it doesn’t matter if you are beginning, or consider yourself fairly advanced, the tips that you will receive are unlike anything other coaches will be able to share with you.

After a short bit of theory on the beach you hit the water. The team then can quickly analyse your skills in the ocean and help you out with exactly what you need help with. They’ll also bring you to the perfect waves for you, meaning you won’t be bored with the conditions, but they won’t be overly daunting either. The more waves you catch, the more confidence in yourself you’ll have to catch bigger and better surf as you progress through your stay.

The team are all qualified through the ISA (International Surf Association) and have plenty of experience both coaching, and along the Atlantic Coast. There are up to 2 surf lessons a day plus one fitness class, but you can choose how intensive your daily program is going to be.


The courses at Surf Camp Figueira are customised to everyone’s individual ability. You can customise your surf package by choosing to surf once or twice a day, as well as having an option of incorporating a surf specific fitness program into your day.

Course Dec – Feb Oct – Nov & Mar – May Jun – Sep
Surf: 6-Day Course, 1 Session / Day 750 kr 870 kr 1020 kr
Surf: 6-Day Course, 2 Sessions / Day 1500 kr 1730 kr 2030 kr
Surf: 1 Session 190 kr 190 kr 190 kr


Black and white surf photo

Coming soon

Black and white surf photo

Coming soon

Key Facts

Thick shore break barrels
Getting your first barrels with Pro surfer advice

This is an ideal way for already advanced surfers to learn a few new tricks and build confidence in epic surf. The pro coaches will give you pointers on your technique and the waves while leading by example out in the water.

  • Coaches are either former, or current Pro surfers
  • The crew find the best spots for you daily
  • Training caters to your individual skill level
  • Best equipment available through the camp
  • Plenty of spots to choose from surrounding Figueira
  • Surf without the crowds
  • Tailored surf fitness program for you


Sunset surf Figueira Portugal
Sunset surf sessions that leave you with long lasting memories

Alongside the beginner and medium courses offered by Surf Camp Figueira you can also opt to choose Spot Guiding and Surf Coaching that caters to more advanced, and even pro surfers. The coaches have years of professional surfing experience that can help even the most advanced surfer improve. To work not only your surf skills but also your fitness you can choose to join a tailored fitness program that will help you get surf-fit. Around the camp there are plenty of waves to choose from and the crew knows the coast and the conditions so you can rest assured you’ll be surfing the best, least crowded waves possible.

This stretch of course has an international reputation and attracts the WSL (World Surf League) competition every year. Some of the most renowned breaks are:

  • "Buarcos" – Easily the longest right hand pointbreak in Europe
  • "Cabdello" – Perfect A-frame beach break ideal for everybody
  • "North Pier" – A super heavy, hollow beachbreak


The surf specific fitness program will push your ability in the water to new levels and give you something to do at home to improve your surfing if you don’t live near the ocean.

Dec – Feb Oct – Nov & Mar – May Jun – Sep
Fitness: 6-Day Course, 1 Session / Day 750 kr 870 kr 1020 kr
Fitness: 1 Fitness Session 190 kr 190 kr 190 kr


Black and white wave photo

Coming soon

Black and white wave photo

Coming soon


longboard on the beach sunset single fin
Rent everything from retro single fin longboards to high performance shortboards

Naturally the team at Surf Camp Figueira rent equipment onsite. You can rent a range of boards, from longboards to high performance shortboards, wetsuits to suit the conditions and booties if it’s cold. Being comfortable and having a board that suits your skill level, size, and the type of surfing you are wanting to do is vital to improve quickly. The team knows the equipment and has taught and coached countless surfers so they are sure to get the right gear to make your surf trip a success.

You can obviously bring your own gear with you, but if it’s too much of a hassle, or too expensive to take it in the plane you don’t need to panic.


At Surf Camp Figueira you have a huge selection of top model Surfboards, Wetsuits und Booties to rent. You can change surfboards during your stay if you improve or want to surf some different spots.

1 Hour 1/2 Day 1 Day 1 Week
Shortboard 40 kr 80 kr 120 kr 600 kr
Malibu / Longboard 60 kr 120 kr 150 kr 750 kr
Wetsuit 40 kr 80 kr 120 kr 600 kr
Booties / 15 kr 30 kr 170 kr


Healthy & delicious daily breakfast buffet Portugal Surf Camp Figueira
Healthy & delicious daily breakfast buffet

Healthy & appetising breakfast buffet included
The team at Surf Camp Figueira will get a delicious breakfast buffet ready to greet you every morning when you wake up. The aim is to get you ready for long das out in the water so the food is healthy and nutritious. On a standard morning you’ll find fresh bread, spreads, vegetables, cheese, homemade muesli, fresh fruit and yoghurt.

In the evenings, you can use one of the onsite kitchens to cook yourself a meal with your friends, partner or other guests you’ve met during your stay. You can also jump in the City-Shuttle and check out some of the local restaurants that cater to every budget and taste. Ask the team who all know the city incredibly well and can help you find what you’re looking for. They will probably end up joining you for the meal anyway.



Garden yoga Surf Camp Figueira
Relax, unwind, stretch and build muscle through Yoga

Yoga releases built up tension from daily life as well as from the previous days surfing, builds muscle, improves flexibility as well as balance, all of which are vital to successful surfing. 1 or 2 times a day there will be a 1.5 to 2 hour yoga session in the garden, fitness area or on the beach. One single class costs 75 kr and if you take more than five they cost 65 kr each. If you want to unwind even more after your day you can book a massage for after your yoga class directly at the camp.

Pull ups Fitness room Surf Camp Figueira
fitness room Surf Camp Figueira
1 / 2
Get surf-fit and take exercises to improve your surfing at home

As an added bonus to your customised surf coaching you will also be able to join a fitness program personalised to improve your surfing. The program combines a mix of CrossFit, coordination training, functional training, boxing and Tabata. The classes are catered to your level of fitness and work on the elements that will help you the most out in the water.

If you live somewhere further away from the ocean than you’d like, what you learn here is something you can take home and work on to get you surf fit for your next trip away.

Seafood Portugal cooking on fire
Trying the fresh, locally caught seafood is well worth it

Figueira has plenty of restaurants and bars that offer great Portuguese wine and amazing local dishes, great for an after-surf evening meal. There is also a large casino in town if you’d like to try your hand at a round of Blackjack.

There are also a few other activities you can spend your afternoons doing, like going out on a fishing trip on one of the local charter boats or a trip to check out local sea salt production, which is surprisingly interesting and amazing to look at. If you need any advice about what to do, where/what to eat, or where to party. Ask the crew and they will be more than happy to point you in the right direction.




Navigate via the tabs to find the prices for different accommodation options, and various optional extras. Here you will see an example:

1 Week incl. Breakfast from 220 kr!

  • 1 Week in booked accommodation
  • Daily breakfast buffet
  • Advice about Surf Courses / Surf Guiding
  • Use of the fitness and wellness areas
  • Use of the Surf Camp kitchens
  • Wi-Fi and home theatre
  • Support from the onsite team

Detailed price overview through: Accommodation


Price per Person per Week

Arrival and Departure possible any day of the week


  • 1 Week in booked accommodation
  • Daily breakfast buffet
  • Great camp with ocean view and plenty of parking
  • Use of the fitness and wellness areas
  • Use of the Surf Camp kitchens
  • Wi-Fi and home theatre
  • Support from the onsite team
Dec – Feb 2180 kr 3900 kr
Mar – May 2550 kr 4650 kr
Jun – Sep 2930 kr 5400 kr
Oct – Nov 2550 kr 4650 kr

Online Booking

Optional Extras

Book and pay onsite

The Surf and fitness courses as well as equipment rental can be booked spontaneously when you arrive at the camp.

Surf Course Dec – Feb Oct – Nov & Mar – May Jun – Sep
6 Days Surf Course (1x/Day) 750 kr 870 kr 1013 kr
6 Days Surf Course (2x/Day) 1500 kr 1730 kr 2030 kr
1 Surf Lesson 190 kr 190 kr 190 kr
Fitness Course Dec – Feb Oct – Nov & Mar – May Jun – Sep
6 Days Fitness Course (1x/Day) 750 kr 870 kr 1020 kr
1 Fitness Class 190 kr 190 kr 190 kr
Yoga Dec – Feb Oct – Nov & Mar – May Jun – Sep
One single Yoga Session (1.5 – 2 Hours) 75 kr 75 kr 75 kr
5 or more Sessions 65 kr per Session 65 kr per Session 65 kr per Session
Equipment Rental 1 Hour 1/2 Day 1 Day 1 Week
Shortboard 40 kr 80 kr 115 kr 600 kr
Malibu / Longboard 60 kr 120 kr 150 kr 750 kr
Wetsuit 40 kr 80 kr 40 kr 600 kr
Booties / 15 kr 30 kr 165 kr

Contact camp before departure to organise pick-up. *Payable on arrival:

Airport Transfer Price per trip
Porto 825 kr
Lisbon 1050 kr

*Send flight, train or bus details directly to the camp manager after booking. Contact details are on your Pure Surf Camp invoice.


Online Booking




Porto (OPO) / Lisbon (LIS)

Porto (OPO) is the closest airport to Surf Camp Figueira and is roughly 1.5 hours away (100km). Lisbon is another possibility, it is 2 hours away (180km)

We offer an extra service where we will find you a cheap, available flight. We’ll double-check the prices and availability and will contact you with the final offer. Cheap flights are available starting from as little as 600 kr!

For those of you who would rather find and book flights yourself we recommend Skyscanner which will give you a good overview of the available flights and where they depart from. An alternative is Kayak. These two flight search sites look through all airlines apart from RyanAir

You can also find cheap flights to Porto (OPO) through TAP.

 Cheap Airlines from the UK:

RyanAir and Easyjet provide cheap and easy ways to get to Faro, Portugal from most airports in and around all major centres in the UK.

Airport Transfer

You can book an airport shuttle directly through Surf Camp Figueira. Per trip it costs 830 kr to Porto Airport (OPO) and 1050 kr to Lisbon Airport (LIS). Let the team know as soon as you have your flight details so they know when to pick you up.

Public Transport

From Porto and Lisbon you can catch a bus straight to Figueira da Foz. the price ranges from 75 kr to150 kr.

Rental Car

We recommend renting a car! In Portugal there are very cheap rental cars available that start at 600 kr per week. At Sunny Cars you'll find the cheapest rental cars around! Getting a rental car will allow you to spontaneously explore the coastline. It will also give you the freedom to take early morning drives up the coast to go to your favourite surf spot.


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